Saturday, September 22, 2012

Reality Check

I don't know why I thought engagement would be a great time to start a blog.  Who has time for blogging?

I'm going through a reality check.  We hit 100 days till the big day this past week.  My students keep picking up on little things I'm going to have to change my name on - like the test I gave on Monday.  That one's gonna have to get updated as I used my name in a question.  We keep updating things to my fiance's name - cell phones, internet, all kinds of stuff!  It's supper exciting but also finally feeling real!!

Some stuff has become a part of life.  I have a dog.  And a gun cabinet.  But in a few weeks (crazy!) there will be a boy living at my house.  And I'll be a MRS!  I walked out to my car before school the other day and realized that soon I won't be by myself in the morning.  That's gonna take some getting used to!  Especially since neither of us can be classified in any way as morning people.

We'll have to invest in coffee!!