Thursday, August 1, 2013

An Egg in a Nest

I was a military kid.  One of those weird ones, though. I only moved once growing up.  I've moved many more times than that since college.  I didn't, however, get to escape my father being gone for long periods of time.  Especially in the summers.  And while my dad was off training soldiers, we spent a lot of time with my grandmother and aunts.

Those summers had some magic in them.  For two summers, we rented out a little condo on the shore at Destin, Florida.  We swam every morning and ate fish almost every night.  There's still this one albacore sandwich that has become the stuff of legend.  I remember how it tasted - it was SO good!! The afternoons and evenings were filled with fun and walks on the beach, games of cards and the family time of lore. 
One evening on the shore.  See our little brown selves?

Our lunches where easy ones but yummy ones.  BLT sandwiches.  And Eggs in a Nest.  I made one yesterday.  It took me back to those perfect summer days.  Whenever we left, my grandmother always said that the waves were saying, "Come Back!  Come Back!" And even though I've left that little nest and we are starting one of our own, those days bring back many smiles.