Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A New Family Celebration

A few summers ago, I stumbled across Larkrise to Candleford episodes on YouTube.  I just watched an episode where they were celebrating Michaelmas.  Hmm . . . I thought.  A Celebration of St. Michael the Archangel . . . which I seemed to remember happens in early fall.  The St. Michael whom our son was named after (well, St. Michael and his daddy!).  And our Michael was due in early fall!  I think we need to celebrate this feast day!!

Some initial research:  According to, one of the customs of Michaelmas is the Aster (aka the Michaelmas Daisy - Daisy!!!  It's sounding a little like a God-thing  I'll have to do a post about why daisies are so important.  Or just link to our Daisy House Blog).  Apparently, the custom of pulling petals is a Michaelmas thing to. He loves me, he loves me not ;).  There's lots of other cool customs on there too - cutting apples in half so you can see the seeds representing the 5 wounds of Christ.  They've also got some recipes )

Food customs depend on the country, according to, "In the British Isles, for example, goose was the traditional meal for Michaelmas, eaten for prosperity, France has waffles or Gaufres and the traditional fare in Scotland used to be St. Michael's Bannock (Struan Micheil) — a large, scone-like cake. In Italy, gnocchi is the traditional fare."  Scones, waffles AND gnochhi?  This is awesome. 

Plus, St. Michael is the Patron feast of Sicily where my Italian grandparents are from!

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