Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Frank's Stuffed Burgers

Frank is a fabulous grill master.  That's why I named the blog, "Cooking with Love and Gas." (There's ocean front property in Arizona too! ;).  He smokes an amazing Pork Butt, we've made some excellent chicken and his steaks are fabulous.  Our newest favorite, however, is the stuffed burger.

We tried them on a visit to Omaha earlier this summer.  They were awesome (and huge).  Then we found a handy dandy burger stuffer thing (like this one).  This little thing is amazing and mostly easy to use - it wasn't as easy last night when we were cooking for my aunt and uncle and almost didn't have enough beef!

We've tried a few different stuffings - one with jalapenos and bacon!  Our favorite, though, is just some cheese, mushrooms and onions.

Stuffed Burger Directions

- Ground Beef
- Worcestershire Sauce
- Seasonings
- Stuffings (whatever you want - cube them so they aren't too big)
- Bacon
- Toothpicks

Here's what you do:
1) In a bowl, mix ground beef with Worcestershire Sauce (we looked up how to say it and how it's made  on "How It's Made" a few weeks ago - you don't want to know, just know it makes beef yummy).  Also, add some garlic powder and seasonings of your choice.

2) In a pan, saute your stuffing stuff.  For the six burgers last night, I used about 3/4 a container of mushrooms that I cubed and a small red onion from our CSA (yum!).  Use a little bit of oil (or water if you don't want to add fat.

3) Cube up your choice of cheese - we had some smoked swiss that was awesome!  Any cheese would work!

4) Get your patties ready - the "shelled pocket side" and the top.

5) When the stuffing is sauted, add the cheese in there and mix (it'll melt a little, that's ok).

6) Stuff the burgers, pinching the top and sides together.  Then we've been wrapping the sides with bacon.  Cause we like bacon . . . Secure bacon with toothpicks (we break them in half).  NOTE: this is way easier with two people.

7) Cook 'em.  You don't have to worry so much about the insides cooking as they are already cooked!

8) Enjoy!!  Especially yummy with Frank's remade Bush's Baked Beans - they are awesome!

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